Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Guide

Can I purchase your products?
Yes! Our products are available for sale to everyone for their needs.

Where is your crinkle paper shreds made?
We make our crinkle paper shreds right here in Melbourne, Australia!

Can we use crinkle paper shreds with food?
Our crinkle paper is not food grade so it is best to wrap your food before placing with our shreds.

Is it safe to use crinkle paper shreds for pet toys?
Yes however we recommend fluffing the crinkle paper shreds out to make sure any excess dust is removed before letting your pets play with them. Do not eat. Please remove/discard if pets try to eat the crinkle paper shreds.

How much shred do I need?
The amount of shreds depends on your products and how dense you wish to pack them. We made a little buying guide to assist with your decision here.

My company requires an invoice prior to payment. Can you provide one?
Yes we can. Please email your order to

Why is postage so expensive?
We charge what the delivery company charges us. Crinkle paper shreds are light but incredibly bulky so this will bring up the postage price along with your destination. If you feel our delivery cost is a bit high, please email us and we will be happy to double-check the costs for you.